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Today’s Current Scrap Light Copper Prices

Light Copper refers to copper that is relatively thin and has a low weight compared to other forms of copper scrap. It may also refer to copper that has been mixed with other materials such as aluminum, brass, or bronze. Here is a table of some of the items that are commonly sold as Light Copper Scrap:

Item Description
Copper Sheet Consists of thin copper sheets that have been removed from roofs, siding, or other building materials
Copper Cladding Consists of thin copper sheets or flashing that have been used to clad or cover buildings, structures or appliances
Copper Roofing Consists of thin copper sheets that have been removed from roofing materials
Copper Pipe Consists of thin copper pipes that have been removed from plumbing or HVAC systems
Copper Foil Consists of thin copper foil used in electrical and electronic applications

Please note that the above table is not exhaustive and other forms of Light Copper Scrap may be traded as well. Light copper may not be as valuable as other forms of copper scrap due to its low weight and impurities.

Current average Light Copper 2.74/lb. The average Light Copper price for the last 30 days is 2.65/lb.

Price chart for Light Copper for a month, year


Table of price changes for Light Copper

2023-06-01▲2.74$ / lb
2023-05-31▼2.58$ / lb
2023-05-30▲2.69$ / lb
2023-05-292.60$ / lb
2023-05-28▼2.60$ / lb
2023-05-27▼2.65$ / lb
2023-05-26▲2.67$ / lb
2023-05-25▼2.57$ / lb
2023-05-24▲2.67$ / lb
2023-05-23▼2.63$ / lb
2023-05-22▲2.67$ / lb
2023-05-212.62$ / lb
2023-05-20▼2.62$ / lb
2023-05-19▼2.68$ / lb
2023-05-18▲2.69$ / lb
2023-05-17▼2.61$ / lb
2023-05-16▲2.69$ / lb
2023-05-15▲2.62$ / lb
2023-05-14▼2.59$ / lb
2023-05-13▲2.68$ / lb
2023-05-12▼2.57$ / lb
2023-05-06▼2.66$ / lb
2023-05-05▼2.67$ / lb
2023-05-04▼2.70$ / lb
2023-05-032.72$ / lb