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Over the past 30 days, Busheling scrap prices reached a high of $301.74/ton and dipped to a low of $277.08/ton.

About Scrap Busheling and Where It Is Found

Scrap Busheling is a term used in the steelmaking industry to describe high-quality sheet metal scrap, typically generated at facilities that manufacture finished metal products. This type of scrap includes trimmings and remnants that arise during metal fabrication processes such as stamping or cutting.

Here are some key features of Scrap Busheling:

  • Purity: This scrap is highly pure, containing minimal foreign materials like paint, oil, or other impurities.
  • Form: It usually takes the form of small cuttings or pieces of sheet metal.
  • Usage: It’s used as a raw material for steel production because it can be easily remelted due to its lack of impurities.
  • Benefits: Using such clean scrap allows steel mills to reduce production costs and ensure greater uniformity in the final product.

Scrap Busheling is particularly valued in manufacturing due to its high quality and ease of processing, making it a preferred material for use in electric furnaces and other metallurgical processes.

Price Chart for Busheling for a Month, Year

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Table of Price Changes for Busheling

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2024-05-24▼278.06$ / ton
2024-05-23▲294.60$ / ton
2024-05-22▲284.37$ / ton
2024-05-21▼279.73$ / ton
2024-05-20▲301.58$ / ton
2024-05-19▼279.84$ / ton
2024-05-18▼287.35$ / ton
2024-05-17▲290.02$ / ton
2024-05-16▼282.27$ / ton
2024-05-15▼288.07$ / ton
2024-05-14▲301.41$ / ton
2024-05-13▲281.85$ / ton
2024-05-12▼281.04$ / ton
2024-05-11▼284.61$ / ton
2024-05-10▲301.29$ / ton
2024-05-09▼286.79$ / ton
2024-05-08▲301.74$ / ton
2024-05-07▼288.25$ / ton
2024-05-06▼291.82$ / ton
2024-05-05▲294.46$ / ton
2024-05-04▲289.59$ / ton
2024-05-03▼284.54$ / ton
2024-05-02▲290.59$ / ton
2024-05-01▼282.85$ / ton
2024-04-30▼288.24$ / ton
2024-04-29▲295.22$ / ton
2024-04-28▲294.40$ / ton
2024-04-27▲293.12$ / ton
2024-04-26▼277.08$ / ton
2024-04-25290.34$ / ton

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